Friday, January 22, 2010

Years of Tears

I had the TV on to the Hope for Haiti Now telethon while I played, cooked and cleaned with Salvatore.  The images are devastating and I am really emotional when I see the children's faces.  I tuned most of it out as I went about my evening, thinking of my own private things.  Then I heard one of my favorite songs "Hallelujah" sung by Justin Timberlake.  Actually, a man named Leonard Cohen first wrote it, but my favorite version is from a man named Jeff Buckley (died at age 27 while swimming in a river with his friends), off of his 1994 "Grace" album.  If you have never heard of the song or Jeff Buckley singing it, then you have not yet heard an angel sing. Hearing the song that has been burned into my heart gave me a greater sense of peace, sadness, understanding and despair-all at the same time.  Today is the third year anniversary of a tragically sad day in the life of my good friend and tomorrow is the 4 year anniversary of losing David's sister, Lula (Lourdes). So, maybe all of the rain this week is symbolic of how we have been feeling inside, knowing we have to deal with this day all over again.  If only it could really wash it all away...  


  1. I swear I've played the youtube video of Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris singing it a billion times since Friday. I actually dreamed about it last night, and hummed it during a midnight feeding. It's burned into my brain.