Saturday, January 26, 2013

Making Tortillas

These tortillas were DELICIOUS and devoured quickly.  Salvatore is becoming an expert tortilla maker and Valentina really loved her little tortilla press and making a general mess.  I'm trying to make positive changes with our family nutrition when I can, and hand making tortillas proves to be healthier and cheaper.  The kids are invited in to the kitchen whenever I am in there, and sometimes it can be a wonderful experience together.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Self Portraits from the iPad

When I opened the iPad, I saw these recent photos Salvatore had taken.  He looks so stunning in all of them.  In the kaleidoscope one, I can also see how similar he looks to his sister.  In the colorful one, he looks just like my dad.  And in the negative one, I can see how much he resembles his daddy.  He's simply amazing to me.

P.S.  Thank you, Steve Miller Band, for my 5 year old son now knows that "smoker", "joker" and "toker" all rhyme.  I'm just thankful that he didn't ask me what those words meant. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Monster and Kitty

Nana Janet, you did it again!  You filled my kids with delight while keeping them warm!
We thank you for thinking of us again this year!
People have already asked me multiple times where they can buy them, but I tell them they must come from the heart of a wonderful lady like Nana Janet.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I cringe when I see Christmas stuff out for sale in early September.  Geez, can't we just start celebrating the fall season first?

I cringe again when I see Christmas stuff out right before and during poor ol' Thanksgiving.  Can't Turkey Day have it's own little place in the sun?

I cringed yesterday when I saw Target selling rows and rows of new swimsuits.  Really?  It's 60 degrees, maybe.  42 when I drive to school.  I needed a new swimsuit back in October for the wedding, when it was still 82 degrees each day, but NOOOOOOOO.  Only winter coats and hats then.

Tonight, at Albertson's, I looked down and saw something that doesn't make me cringe for being displayed so early.  

Cadbury Cream Eggs! 

 Easter is a good three months away.  But these little delicious chocolates are welcome to come around early any ol' time in my book!

I bought and ate two.  Before I even got to my parked car. Hence another reason why I wouldn't even BUY a swimsuit in January.  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Semi Flash Mob at Wendy's

The other day, I took the kids to lunch at Wendy's. It was before 12, so it wasn't too crowded yet. We ordered and took our seats close to a party of four.  Two women about my age, and two special needs women in their care.  One of the special ladies was facing us and she could not take her eyes off of Valentina.  She just stared at her, and smiled at everything she did.  If fact, Valentina seemed to make this lady light up.  This was very beautiful to see, as this lady seemed to delight in everything that Valentina is...a healthy, happy, silly girl who gives kisses and wants hugs.  It renewed my recent perspective of her, which has been that she is a tough, defiant, unruly little devil.

Anyways.  Let me get to the semi flash mob part...

Another guy in his 30's came in with his special needs man to care for.  Then an older woman in her 70's.  Then a man in his 70's.  A grandfather brought in his cute teenaged grandson.  And a 9 year old with her mom.  We were all spread out, eating and chatting, some were texting, when Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" came on over their radio.  (A separate teacher side note...I teach my students that song titles always have a set of quotes just like we have a set of ears to listen to those songs.  If they remember their two ears for listening, then they can remember the two quotes for the title:)

My kids squealed.
The special lady staring at my kids squealed.
Her caregiver ladies squealed.
The teenage boy squealed.
And the 9 year old squealed.

And then we all sat in our seats and just danced. And sang in between bites. We ALL KNEW THE WORDS.  So did the mom of the 9 year old. And the grandpa of the teenager.  The caregivers, even the guy caregiver, with the other special needs guy.  Those guys were bopping and shaking around to the beat and that special guy even started smiling.  Now, the two older folks were not dancing or singing, but they were delighting in the fact that all of us were. Even the staff was joining in from behind the counter. 

It was about 3 minutes of awesomeness.  

And when the song ended, and another began, we all just continued to eat and finish our meals, as if nothing happened.  It's no secret how much I love music, and this was another perfect example of why.