Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I cringe when I see Christmas stuff out for sale in early September.  Geez, can't we just start celebrating the fall season first?

I cringe again when I see Christmas stuff out right before and during poor ol' Thanksgiving.  Can't Turkey Day have it's own little place in the sun?

I cringed yesterday when I saw Target selling rows and rows of new swimsuits.  Really?  It's 60 degrees, maybe.  42 when I drive to school.  I needed a new swimsuit back in October for the wedding, when it was still 82 degrees each day, but NOOOOOOOO.  Only winter coats and hats then.

Tonight, at Albertson's, I looked down and saw something that doesn't make me cringe for being displayed so early.  

Cadbury Cream Eggs! 

 Easter is a good three months away.  But these little delicious chocolates are welcome to come around early any ol' time in my book!

I bought and ate two.  Before I even got to my parked car. Hence another reason why I wouldn't even BUY a swimsuit in January.  


  1. And peanut butter eggs.
    I was in awe of bathing suits too!
    What in the world??

  2. Hello there! I have not looked here in a while (or blogged in forever). I just wanted to say hello and that I was thinking of you. I missed you and your beautiful kiddos last week. Hopefully one of the upcoming events will work out with our schedules (and life). Talk to you soon friend:)

  3. peanut butter eggs, yes! (sadly i can't have them yet.) i thought the same thing, shalimar! i was looking for a swimsuit in december (wedding/vacay in hawaii) and there was nothing. i can't believe they have them out now! as if swimsuits in january make more sense. haha!

    hope you're well! i've still been meaning to try to make a visit to richman... it's a little challenging with three kiddos, but we'll be there to say hello. sooner than later!