Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cute Little Snack

We have nothing new or exciting or life changing to report...
It is really hot here (about 101) and we are lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy...
But how cute does she look snacking on Doritos?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Celebrations

This summer was very tight for us financially, but rich in love and friendships.
How fortunate we really are to have such blessings.

We celebrated my dad's 70th birthday on August 18th. Lolo is the highlight of the day for both kids. (And welcome to the world, little Isaiah).

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on August 18th. David surprised me by making me this beautiful necklace and star.

Salvatore practiced writing his name.

We partied with old friends from Chili's. It was at Jeff's house 11 summers ago that David and I kissed and decided to be together from that night on.
**Shirtless guy is Jeff with his wife Laura to his left. We worked with him, Suzanne (far right), and Angie (pictured below) at Chili's. Jeff had entered a contest for an Ab-roller type machine and won with having the best "before and after" picture. He and his wife threw this party with some of the winnings. As Suzanne, David and I were driving to the party, we all described what we thought Jeff would wear. He has always had a great sense of humor. I said that he would be dressed like a Chippendale Dancer. They both thought some fancy tuxedo in a funny color or something. Well, I was right! He said he just had to show off his abs. As for who put the $ there, well, I think he did that himself.
Angie, David, me and Suzanne. Part of the original Chili's crew.

We enjoyed another weekend at the Corn Festival. I didn't get a picture of Salvatore riding the horses this year, but he wanted to jump around on this quite a few times that weekend.
School resumes for teachers this week and for the kids next Monday. Summer is over. We really did get to do so much with so many great friends and family.
Whenever this time of year hits, I always get this song stuck in my head.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

15 Things that a 15-Month Old Can Get Away With

(In no particular order)

1. Chubby, thick thighs that rub together. I have these too and it's not so cute on me.
2. Little boogies in her nose. Darling.
3. Belching at the table. Hilarious.
4. Stinky feet. No one minds.
5. Morning breath. Still can't kiss her enough.
6. Biting people. Isn't that a felony when you're older?
7. Squatting in the corner to do a #2. We all giggle.
8. Peeing in the bathtub. We just don't. Enough said.
9. Waving and shouting at complete strangers. I'd get punched in the face.
10. Screaming in stores. They would lock me up.
11. Throwing food on the floor in a restaurant. I'd be kicked out.
12. Major wild, crazy and unkept hair. Still beautiful.
13. Pulls out every diaper, toilet paper roll, towel, etc. I still pick it all up.
14. Eating only raisins for dinner. I'd be sick to my stomach.
15. Drooling when she sleeps. So so sweet.

As I type this, she is emptying out the contents of her brother's dresser. And I can't find the remote control. And she fed Benedict her sandwich. And she is begging and crying for candy. And she has a dirty diaper. And she just put her brother's underwear over her head and ran into the door and is crying...Gotta go!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dancing in the Park

The other night, we drove over to the Fullerton Sports Complex to watch a Summer Concert.
We packed a great dinner, lots of napkins, drinks, snacks, brownies and ice cream sandwiches.
And a soccer ball. Salvatore made friends with some boys who also wanted to play soccer.

Valentina chased every dog she saw.

The music was great-a live band called Yard Sale who played classic rock hits.

Sita and Fred danced. The kids danced.

We laughed at everyone and everything.
Salvatore asks to go back almost every night.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lemonade Stand

Remembering making lemonade stands when you were a kid? Well, Sara brought over some boxes of Girl Scout Cookies and we had a pretty successful day!
Sara made us the awesome signs and Salvatore really got into shouting out "Lemonade and Cookies for sale!"
Salvatore was a great host and salesman to all the neighbors and Valentina liked to shout "lemonade" to the passing cars. And planes. And trees. And bugs.
Once the heat was too much to handle, we brought out the kiddie pool in the front yard. Salvatore practiced counting all the quarters and I bought a box of cookies just for us to eat out there. We also drank lemonade for two days after!

Monday, August 8, 2011

When it is OK to Cry

Suzanne, Sara and I took Salvatore to see Winnie the Pooh.
We all loved it.
Before the movie, they showed a cute little short called The Ballad of Nessie.
Very. Well. Done.
If you have seen the movie already, then you could finish this paragraph yourself. If you have not, then here is a brief summary:

Nessie is looking for the perfect place to live with her little best friend. During her long search of things not quite right, she encounters another who makes it very difficult for her to be where she wants to be. After much disappointment and dismay, she finally starts to cry.
She cries and cries and cries and cries.
She also finally stops.
When she stops, she has cried so much, that she has actually created the Loch (lake) where she is to now live.
Her tears have created the perfect place for her.
Sometimes, crying is pointless. We all know that.
But sometimes, it leads you to a better place. A different place.
So, if it is pointless...then stop. Wipe your eyes. Move ahead.
If it is not, then cry away. Something wonderful could be just ahead.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


While out at Adventure City last month, we rode the yellow "crazy" bus that goes around and around. None of us had ever been on it, and Salvatore had already gone on everything else, so we climbed aboard. I was surprised that Salvatore was scared and Valentina wasn't. A lot changes in 59 seconds. Salvatore declared after riding this ride about 6 times that this was his favorite!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Toothbrush Thief

Remember when I said that her favorite thing to do is to brush her teeth?
(These photos span multiple days).
And that she will steal our toothbrushes when we aren't looking?
Well, now she gets herself up on the stool and really gets carried away!
She pretends to hold it under the water and will even tap it against the sink to show that she is done. Luckily for us, she has stopped throwing them in the toilet and dipping them into Benedict's water dish (which is on the other side of the house). We have baby-proofed the rest of the bathroom.
But, now we leave little toothbrushes within her reach because it makes her so so so happy!