Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer of Love

 Another summer has come and gone.  We stayed close to home all summer and welcomed our favorite visitors like my mom back in June and then my sister, Beth, and her boyfriend, Bobby, in August.  (Beth, please send me some pics from your camera, as I have none to post here from mine.)
 We entertained ourselves mostly with water, using the slip and slide, the little kiddie pool in the backyard, or during swimming lessons at the high school down the street.  Both kids got really tan and hardly wore shoes for two months.  
 We spent an entire weekend at the annual Corn Festival again. Much to our dismay, there were no ponies for them to ride again, so we couldn't do our annual photo.  But, Salvatore fell in love with the Bungee Jump and we stuffed ourselves silly with fresh corn.
The boys saw a few soccer games and we all got to tour the Home Depot Center.

 We caught a few local concerts in the park.  
The highlight of our summer was seeing Neil Diamond in concert for Lolo's birthday.  I will post those pics after I download them. 

School has started once again, and we are getting back into a routine.  Salvatore has soccer games each Saturday morning and we are excited to cheer him on.  The kids are changing their minds every minute about Halloween costumes.  My mom might visit again for Thanksgiving.  
The highlight of autumn will be our visit to Mexico for Tia Maura's wedding this October!  Gotta shop for my bridesmaid dress and shoes!