Sunday, January 29, 2012

Journeys and Endings

I've been thinking a lot lately about journeys and endings.
On all levels. In all ways.
A school year with a great class is a wonderful journey and sad ending.
Working with the same 5 kids (for 6 weeks) trying to get them to understand and correctly calculate subtraction is a terrible journey but a happy ending.

The other day, I was inspired to make Tinga for dinner. I had all of the ingredients, so I got started. Half way through, I realized that I didn't have enough white or purple onions, so I mixed them. Well, they really don't mix. Whites are mild and transparent in cooking while purples are quite strong and overpowering. My meal was falling apart in front of me. Pissed off that it wasn't looking like the recipe, I left for the store to get all white onions. Upon returning, I basically started all over. I was gonna get this RIGHT. And I was STARVING. We sat down to eat at 6:30 p.m. (our usual time is 4:30 p.m.) and the meal was DELICIOUS! I sat there staring at my plate and thought to myself, "Boy, I sure hated the journey of getting this meal together but I sure loved the ending."

My dad lost a good friend over the week. And my good friend lost his dad. And it's been 5 years now without Greg. And 6 years now without Lula. Those endings are too sad. I think to myself, "Boy, I sure loved their journeys and hate the ending." The ending from our position, anyways. I know in my heart that they are in better places. But for us, those here, I just wish we had more time to see their journeys.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

20 months

At 20 months, she is obsessed with the movie Rio and Angry Birds. And she still loves to dance.
She is always silly and loves to show off. She tries to copy everything that Salvatore does and says.
Her new favorite lullaby is "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." She loves her bath time. Hates her bed time. Still gives dirty looks all the time. Will say, "Hi," to anyone. Tries to read all of her books. Lets me cut her nails and toenails by sitting on my lap. Insists on brushing her teeth all by herself. (That was never a battle with Salvatore.) Has given up her night time bottle. Is obsessed with shoes. Has supermodel hair that is down to her mid waist. Still goes crazy for raisins and anything chocolate. Has many many friends, just like her big brother. Is learning to share. Has now colored on the walls. And stove. And fridge. Will not stop when you ask her to stop. Stubborn. But she will apologize instantly and give you lots of kisses.

Valentina, I love you. Just as you are. Now and forever!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something Just for Me

I found a See's Candies gift certificate in my old purse the other day and I knew just what to do.
I bought myself a whole pound of personal favorites. Milk chocolate Bordeaux.
It was a perfect present for myself, from myself.
This big ol' box of my favorite chocolates was exactly what I needed.
Pink boxes of donuts excite me more than I can explain also.
I gave myself two weeks on this box. One piece a day.
(I will pause while you all finish laughing.)
There are two pieces left and I bought it two days ago.
Just like my momma taught me...I'd give up chocolate but I AIN'T A QUITTER.
What have you done just for YOU lately?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So, How Exactly Do Women Get Pregnant?

Salvatore: (While watching a commercial with a pregnant woman in it) Mommy, how exactly did you get a baby inside your tummy?

Me: (Long sigh, eyes diverted, continuing to stare at T.V......)

Salvatore: I know how it happens.

Me: (OMG! This is the first of my "insert something that he picked up from the playground" here) Oh yeah?

Salvatore: Yeah. You must have swallowed a flower or something. Then the flower grows really big inside your belly and then you have a baby.

Me: (Just silent....staring at him. Thankful that it was not something awful that he heard from his friends at school...)

Salvatore: But everyone swallows a different flower. That's how come all babies look so different.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Building Castles

Sita, in Florida, sent Salvatore and Valentina this box of building blocks. Valentina wanted to throw them around, but Salvatore was inspired to rebuild the design on the front of the box. With a little help, he went on to construct many different types and styles of castles. Because he is not really into Legos, I wondered if he would be into these blocks, but he was. He sits up most nights building and rebuilding.
Thanks, mom, for always supporting the kids!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Time Well Spent

Our last playdate of 2011.
Time spent with friends is time well spent.
Digging and exploring.
And some Hokey Pokey. Valentina is obsessed with this song and dance right now and asks for it often by shaking her foot or hand around and then spinning and spinning. Her favorite part is when she "turns herself around." This video does not do justice to her sweet spirit while participating in the Hokey Pokey, but hopefully I will get a chance to record some more.

Monday, January 2, 2012

What I Need in 2012...

is to learn this...

The more I focus on what I DON'T have, the more what I DO have seems NOT enough.

I need to stop.

I have enough.

In fact, I have way more than enough.

And, Lord, I am truly thankful. Truly. Thankful. Thank YOU.