Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter 2014

 Lolo bought the kids this little Spiderman table and two chairs for their bedroom. We decided to take it with us in the van while we ate dinner at Sonic Burger and the kids dined inside the van in style, complete with a movie from the dashboard.  
 Our family activity level has been good, and we have added hikes and nature walks to our routines.  It is so fun to watch the kids explore.  
 We collect sticks, rocks, feathers, pinecones, and such, while we hike on the Fullerton trails.  Valentina makes friends with all of the horses, rabbits, squirrels, and geckos that she spots.
 Valentina wearing her new favorite jacket from abuelo, abuela y sus tias in Mexico.  She is taking gymnastics at the YMCA and she is so talented and happy to be active and limber.  We love to watch her shine.  Daddy and Lolo take her to some learning classes at the library and she always comes home with something beautiful and creative.  
Salvatore learned to tie his shoes and ride a bike (without training wheels) in one day.  He now pedals and speeds around with ease and loves to go fast. Valentina loves to keep up with him on her trike or scooter and we have lots of fun making up games on our rides.  We all took a long bike ride through Clark Park the other day and we look forward to many more.  

Soccer starts again next week and we are looking forward to another fun season.  School is going well for Salvatore, I'm barely keeping my head above water, and life just keeps throwing us one big curveball after another, but we work to work it out.  

Brian and Alicia are making wedding plans and we are planning our trip to Mexico to celebrate!

I am looking forward to Ash Wednesday, as I have much to work on this Lenten season, and I am reminded each day that while I am not always adjusting well to change or aging, I am extremely fortunate TO BE changing and aging.  

What have YOU done this winter and what are YOU looking forward to next?