Thursday, April 25, 2013

So in Love with Sal and Val

 What can I say about my kids?  They are darling, active, social, emotional, bratty, challenging and loving all at the same time.  They are both in a great groove right now and we are loving these times.
 Valentina obsessed with the giant teeth and toothbrush at Pretend City.  She spent most of her time here.

 Valentina has started taking ballet and tap dance lessons.  D.A.R.L.I.N.G.  She is decent with her dance skills, loves watching herself in the mirrors, and has a horrible attention span.  But it is still precious.
 Both kids have a strong artistic and musical side to them. 
 Sal spent most of his time in the kitchen at Pretend City. Was obsessed with making food and serving people.  Strangers were telling me how darling and sweet and well-mannered he was. 
 Fancy new haircut. He is playing soccer now two times a week with the older kids, ages 6-8.  He scores goals, learns new skills each week, gets along with all of his teammates, accepts losing like a champ, and amazes us all with his talent.
In other news, we are slooooooowwwwwly potty training Val. She is into it most days, and forgets on the others. None of us here are too committed to it either, except Sal. He is the best one at keeping up the reminders and stickers on the chart.  He could practically raise her on his own.:)

Sal will start Kindergarten with me this Fall at Richman.   Already registered for Fall Soccer.
Sal is also obsessed with playing chess, and will now beat his dad and mine on occasion. My dad has an app that lets you play games with anonymous players, and Sal jumps at the opportunities.

Val is still a major care giver here and loves to soothe and help anyone in need at any time.  She reads books constantly and carries her baby dolls all around the house. She repeats and reenacts scenes from Team Umizoomi and loves to count, draw, and organize her things. 

The kids feed Benedict daily and love to take baths together.  They watch movies together each weekend and practice soccer in the backyard each night.  

We are all trying to get more exercise, less stress, less junk food, more veggies and more sleep. 
What are you working towards?