Wednesday, August 17, 2011

15 Things that a 15-Month Old Can Get Away With

(In no particular order)

1. Chubby, thick thighs that rub together. I have these too and it's not so cute on me.
2. Little boogies in her nose. Darling.
3. Belching at the table. Hilarious.
4. Stinky feet. No one minds.
5. Morning breath. Still can't kiss her enough.
6. Biting people. Isn't that a felony when you're older?
7. Squatting in the corner to do a #2. We all giggle.
8. Peeing in the bathtub. We just don't. Enough said.
9. Waving and shouting at complete strangers. I'd get punched in the face.
10. Screaming in stores. They would lock me up.
11. Throwing food on the floor in a restaurant. I'd be kicked out.
12. Major wild, crazy and unkept hair. Still beautiful.
13. Pulls out every diaper, toilet paper roll, towel, etc. I still pick it all up.
14. Eating only raisins for dinner. I'd be sick to my stomach.
15. Drooling when she sleeps. So so sweet.

As I type this, she is emptying out the contents of her brother's dresser. And I can't find the remote control. And she fed Benedict her sandwich. And she is begging and crying for candy. And she has a dirty diaper. And she just put her brother's underwear over her head and ran into the door and is crying...Gotta go!


  1. hahahaha! love this! it's all soooo very true! :) and with a face like valentina's... that girl can get away with anything! :)

  2. You are so in love :D


  3. I love this post!! 15 month olds are so cute and so busy!! Thanks for your encouragement and tequila suggestion- we are feeling better now, but might try that (:

  4. So, so sweet! I love that you can love all of these things!

  5. I happen to like thighs that rub together... not.

  6. I drool too, though, not nearly as cute as Valentina I'm sure :)