Thursday, August 4, 2011


While out at Adventure City last month, we rode the yellow "crazy" bus that goes around and around. None of us had ever been on it, and Salvatore had already gone on everything else, so we climbed aboard. I was surprised that Salvatore was scared and Valentina wasn't. A lot changes in 59 seconds. Salvatore declared after riding this ride about 6 times that this was his favorite!


  1. valentina doesn't look thrilled to me!
    poor salvatore...
    does that mean he won't ride the Matterhorn with Molly??

  2. There was a whole range of emotions there! The funny thing with kids is that even after a ride like that, they will say they loved it;)

  3. John took Audrey on that when my cousin took her 2 year old, Shannon. Shannon was hysterical the whole time. Audrey was fine until everyone started screaming, which is when she decided she didn't like it.