Sunday, January 24, 2010

My 6 Month Belly

Here is my 6 month belly!  Usually, she sits very low, and in the mornings and evenings she looks quite small.  But come mid-day, she moves higher and it looks like I am 8 months pregnant.  I am still getting sick, although it is definitely getting less frequent and not as bad.  Heartburn and horrible dreams are the norm at night now, so I no longer look forward to crawling into bed at night.  I am still loving being pregnant, but can't wait to meet her!


  1. Shalimar you look great! I'm sorry you're still feeling sick. Heartburn at night is the worst. I have a friend who is taking ginger and B6 and says it really helps her nausea. Maybe worth a try? Looking forward to seeing you soon I hope! Love, Ana

  2. You don't look 6 months! I guess it feels like time stood still since I've been home for 8 weeks now. You didn't look big when I saw you, either.

    I never barfed with Audrey, but I was nauseated 90% of the day. I drank a lot of lemonade and sprite, and ate Eggos with peanut butter (hence the 38 pounds). At least you know it'll be worth it!

  3. You look so cute:) I know you feel big, but you don't look it at all! Hope you continue to feel better and better:)