Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Empty Nest

My busy nest is children have left, but David's family did and we miss them very much!  What a wonderful time we all spent together and how nice for them to deeply bond with their nieto (grandson).  Great memories from this visit include:  bowling, cooking, Long Beach, Griffith Observatory, Dave and Buster's, Christmas Eve dinner, shopping, and more shopping.  Surprises: coming home exhausted one day to find our hallway and bathroom doors perfectly painted, how much Spanish Salvatore learned, and coming home on Thursday, December 17th so I could go to my ultrasound to find out boy or girl and seeing them greeting me at the door, all dressed and ready to go with me, and their faces when they saw their first ultrasound ever of my baby girl!  We all cried!  Please backtrack and read my post from Dec. 12, titled Suegros-I typed it last night but it posted in December and not in January.  I love my husband and his family and he loves mine!

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