Saturday, January 23, 2010

Man in the Mirror

Salvatore and I were in my bathroom yesterday and he began to make silly/giggly faces at the cute baby looking back at him in the mirror.  He was completely enthralled with this "other" child, and he did everything from kissing to spinning round and round for him.  Such a show off!  I got great joy out of watching him perform for his reflection and began to wonder if he knew that he was looking at himself or not.  So I asked him:

Shal: "Do you see that cute baby in the mirror?"
Sal: "(Giggling) Yes"
Shal: "Is he your friend?"
Sal: " Yes, mama, it's me, Chicho*.  (More giggles) "It's me" (and then he sealed his confirmation with a kiss).

Now I know that he knows!!

*Chicho is the nickname we gave him a long time ago. It doesn't mean anything-just a funny version of blending "chico-boy" and "chiquito-little".  He knows to refer to himself as both Chicho and Salvatore.

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