Sunday, January 31, 2010

Benny Got a Bath

Here he is, totally clean after a hilarious bath.

We stripped Salvatore down to his diaper and gave him the camera.  He kept asking if he was going to get in the bath with Benedict.  We basically ignored him because we had our hands full with keeping Benedict in the shower and catching all of his dog hair so as not to ruin our drain.

Benedict is always reluctant to get in at first, and then loves it while we wash him.  You can really feel his 92 lb. weight when you are trying to hold him and keep him from spraying you completely when he shakes.

He also likes to drink the soapy water!  
In the summer, we bathe him often outside with the hose and he is dry in minutes with the sun.  But, these wintry days make it harder to bathe him.  After 10 minutes of laughing, struggling, swearing (it was me), and shampooing, he was finally clean.  Then I had to reclean the bathroom and wash every towel we have.  Maybe, just MAYBE, we will let him sleep with us again tonight.  After all, he is our first baby.


  1. This made me laugh out loud!

    Mel (in London)

  2. I LOVE Benedict! I know what you mean about him being your first baby... I said no cats on the bed when Audrey was born, but John said that Penny could stay.