Friday, January 1, 2010

My 5 Month Belly

Here I am at 5 months!  This is my 20th week, so I am half way there. Sometimes my belly looks bigger, and other times smaller, depending on her position I guess.  I am still feeling very nauseous and not much helps. Unfairly, I am still gaining weight like a champ, though I can barely keep much down.  And now I have heartburn after most meals. I feel her moving a lot now, mostly at night, just like Salvatore.  We are still trying to decide on a name and we wonder each day if she will take after Salvatore and the Keysor side, or favor the Liconas this time with black curly hair and dark eyes.  Since she is due in May, we will share the same sign, Taurus.  Maybe she will come on Mother's Day this year!  Regardless, I love being with child and can't wait to meet her this Spring!!!

1 comment:

  1. you are so tiny....
    May birthdays are the best :)
    Maybe she will share MY day!