Sunday, January 24, 2010


I shop at Costco about twice a month.  I can't get all of my shopping done there, so I also visit Albertson's and Target regularly, but for some big stuff, Costco gets the job done.  However, it brings out the worst in my flawed character and I leave feeling strange.  

Here's why:

1.  People push carts like they drive-good drivers push nicely and humanely, bad drivers make me want to shoot them.
2.  Samples are never ready when  you walk by, yet 30 people stand around and wait for teriyaki chicken or seafood salad like their lives depended on it.
3.  Younger people make older family members push the carts and they SUCK at it!
4.  I end up opening AT LEAST 8 egg cartons before finding one that has all eggs intact.
5.  There is always some major shipment of toilet paper or bicycles when I am trying to get through the aisles, so I have to give way to the forklifts.
6.  I convince myself that my family and I need the 20 lb. bag of Doritos.  Really, we don't.
7.  They constructed the building so that the carts that you need to enter are right past the exit, so you have to wait for a cart, then push it past the same people in #1 and #3 who are trying to leave just to get to the entrance.
8.  The food court is cheap, but cash only-WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ABOUT?
9.  They only sell bulk shampoo/conditioner for NORMAL HAIR. Who the hell has "normal hair"?  
OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!  I'll go back in a week.  I will need more milk and diapers.


  1. go there once a week!
    That place is freaking crazy...
    My Target now, not only has groceries, but also a "warehouse" section, with big quantities of stuff...
    Hooray Target!

  2. You are too funny! That is all true. I love that place though.