Monday, August 30, 2010

Valentina at 3.2 months

Valentina is so special because:
1.  She smiles and laughs most of the day.
2.  She is sleeping through the night now, from 9:30p.m. until 6:00 a.m., wakes for a feeding, then back to sleep until 8:30 a.m.
3.  She can roll over from back to front and will scoot herself around on her back all over the place.
4.  When she is grumpy or cranky, Salvatore usually calms her right down by just talking and singing to her.
5.  She nurses so well and will caress my face and neck and gaze into my eyes at every feeding.
6.  She kicks and splashes like a little mermaid in her bathtub.
7.  She usually puts herself to sleep with very minimal or no effort on my part.
8.  She makes the cutest grumpy face before she cries, as if to politely warn you.
9.  She is a great baby on long car rides and long days of running errands.
10.  She never seems to mind that many people still mistake her for a boy, though she sports her barrettes and earrings with great confidence.

*Be sure to read the previous post to see why my handsome brother is so special!


  1. oh sweet valentina,
    now mommy can add number 11: she takes the bottle!!!!! :) (and shalimar, it didn't take as long as you thought, right?)

    p.s. i wish isabelle would do number 2, 7, and 9. :) haha! iz has sleep issues... but she does have number 10 in common with valentina. our little GIRLS won't be mistaken for BOYS one day!! :)

  2. So precious! What a good baby!! People think Annette is a boy but I thought it was because she is bald. Valentina has a gorgeous head of hair. Potty training is going slowly. Josiah loves being naked and sometimes will initiate using the toilet. When we are out I still put him in a diaper because I'm not ready to face public toilets with him. It will be a while til he's fully potty trained, but that's okay with me. There is no rush.

  3. Salvatore and Valentina are so special but we already knew that :). It sounds like Valentina is taking after her big brother is the development department. She is doing amazing for her age!