Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All Thumbs

My guess is that she will be a thumb sucker.  Or should I say that she will suck her thumb. 
She searches for her (left) thumb if I am not around.  
I don't know what it means to be or have a thumb sucker.  Public opinion ranges from "who gives a s$#t" to "oh dear God, you've got to stop this horrible habit now."
  I am sure some of you readers will tell me that you were a thumb sucker also.
  So tell me what it means.  Is it really no big deal?  Is it a long road of insecurity and therapy?  Is it something in the middle that only time will tell?
  I gently redirect her hands every time I see her even about to do it.  It's not working.
Maybe she'll stop once she starts shoving toys and playthings in her mouth.  Maybe she'll do it till she's 3 and then stop on her own.  Maybe she'll do it forever.
So far, it is the greatest difference between Sal and Val.  Most of you know that Sal never put much in his mouth!  


  1. i was a thumb sucker... briefly. then i got over it. this is all according to my mom.

    isabelle found her thumb, too, like valentina. but then she moved on to her pacifier. either way, i'm sure izzy will have her set of issues when it comes time to take away the pacifier.

    only time will tell, right? :) btw, how precious is that picture of valentina! she is getting so so big! :)

  2. with a cute thumb like that, who wouldn't want to suck it?!