Monday, August 30, 2010

Salvatore at 2.8 years old

Salvatore is so special because:

1.  He LOVES his sister and always wants to be with her and help care for her.
2.  He always puts his dishes in the sink when he is done eating.
3.  He wipes his mouth and chews with his mouth closed.
4.  He has many songs that he likes to sing while we are driving, including Take Me Out to the Ballgame, California Girls, Break Your Heart, and Find Your Love.
5.  He will entertain himself with his cars, trucks, and books when Valentina gets fussy.
6.  He can read the signs of many stores and brand names and will shout them from the back seat until you acknowledge him.
7.  He memorizes the books we read each night and often reads them to Valentina.  
8.  He sits patiently at the table while I am cooking and does not get up without first asking if he may be excused.
9.  He puts all of our dirty clothes in the hamper and will put his shoes away in his closet.
10.  He loves to eat cookies and always shares his with Benedict!


  1. Wonderful START to the many reasons he's a remarkable kid.

  2. WOW! Sal is going to be a heartbreaker... he is so handsome. He is VERY special... and so is his Mommy. :)