Saturday, August 7, 2010

Potty Training For Real This Time

I decided to start really potty training Salvatore. For real this time.  With results.  

This fluke decision came from PURE BOREDOM one evening.

I had nothing else to do one late night so I made him sit on the potty, which he has done many times, and this time expected an outcome, which he had yet to produce, until now.  

He cried for 30 minutes, but never once tried to get up or run, so I kept my cool and my hands to myself and just sat next to him on his little stool until he did it. 

 Finally he did.  

Then I cried because I was SO HAPPY!  You should have seen his face when he realized that he did it!!  

Next day, he cried again, but he did produce again.  Here we go, I thought.

He hasn't cried since, and he runs for the toilet each morning.  Sometimes he sits for 1 minute, sometimes it takes up to 20.

He has had 4-5 successes each day this week (#1, not #2 yet), and two accidents.

I let him run around naked, which he does not like, but when he is without clothing, he is successful every time.

The two accidents happened when I jumped way ahead of myself and put cool Lightning McQueen underwear on him.  He couldn't really feel as well that he had to go with the underwear on...we will try this again soon, but I think I did it too soon. 

He still wears diapers and I am not ready to try this out in public yet.  I won't have "freedom from a diaper bag" for a long time anyways.  

But it has begun, and we will slowly forge ahead.  It is hard to spend so much time in the bathroom, so close to the toilet (though it is so clean) with a little baby who is more and more aware and awake longer each day.  

But we are so proud and to see him so proud of himself is surely the reward.


  1. he's on his way... gotta get him some "big boy" underwear! :)

  2. get your "spare clothes" bag ready! you're doing a super job, shalimar + sal.

  3. Sounds like you are on the right track and VERY successful to me:) It is a process...welcome to the club;)