Monday, May 3, 2010

Why I Teach

I remember practicing for interviews while finishing my credential program at CSUF.  Over and over again, the advice we all received was to NOT SAY that you "loved kids" when asked why you want to become a teacher.  The other "big no-no" was to tell a potential principal that you got into teaching so you could have summers off.  Duh! Anyways, the summer thing was no problem, but I was saddened to be told that I should not say that I LOVED KIDS.  Of course, it was not the ONLY reason why I wanted to become a teacher, but I believe that teachers should LOVE all children, because you need and rely on that love when things get tough and don't turn out the way they said they would in the credential program!  And as I watch Salvatore grow and learn and make both good and bad choices, I HOPE TO GOD that his teachers will LOVE him.  
  Well, being the rule follower that I basically am, I followed the "don't say you love kids" advice for my first interview in Fullerton.  I did not get the job.  When I applied at the Catholic school, I decided to speak from the heart and it was the first thing out of my mouth.  I was offered the job within 5 minutes.  
Teaching for 7 years has presented many ups and downs, and I have had some TOUGH kids whose stories you would not believe if I even tried to tell you.  And I have been pushed to my limit, and pulled right back in, and have been sarcastic just for survival.  But, deep inside of me, I STILL LOVE KIDS, and their families, and teaching.  
Here is a card that I received from a special student whom I taught for two years.  She lost her mother to cancer a few years ago, and I had to show a room full of students how to gently handle her situation and feelings.  This card, first written by my student and then by her father, pretty much sums it up for WHY I TEACH!!!! 


  1. I think Irene was in your class for a reason BEYOND coincidence. We are all lucky to have you as a teacher...and friend, and mommy.

    (and how could Salvatore's teachers NOT love him???)

  2. It sounds to me like you are a Great Teacher...!

  3. That is so touching. She is so lucky to have you in her life. You are a WONDERFUL teacher.

  4. Awe Shalimar...I love that you broke "the rule" because I deeply believe everything you have said! You are an awesome person and I'm so happy that she had the chance to tell you how much you mean to her! Thanks for always being my friend!

  5. those letters tug at my heartstrings... what a great reminder of why we do what we do! sometimes we don't even realize the impact we have on our students! richman will miss you for the rest of this school year, but sal and val are so, so lucky to have their mommy at home! :)

  6. I should be so lucky to have a kid like Salvatore in my class some day. How could anyone NOT like him?