Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Salvatore,

     As I prepare to have your little sister, Valentina, please know how much we love you!  I promise that we will all adjust to our new life with a baby and we will all be more blessed for it, just as I was when Brian came and David was when Fabiola, Mayda, and Lula came.  I promise to be extra patient as you adjust and to say extra prayers when we all need them.  Everything will be fine.  We know that we are gonna be the only ones who remember the tough transitioning times, you will never remember.  
     We tell everyone all of the time how smart and wonderful you are, and everyone can see how CUTE you are!  And now to brag about your artistic skills...I found his recreation of a drawing of a trash truck to be impressive!  He has always been obsessed with trash trucks, especially since he can easily watch them on Thursdays pick up our trash from the living room window. He loves to know and say that the trucks pick up his dirty diapers.  So, when we draw the trucks, we add the detail of the can being picked up and dumped in the back.  Tonight, after a great dinner, playing soccer, and chasing bubbles in the front yard,  we came in to draw.  He drew this trash truck (WITHOUT seeing a recent one that I had drawn) and I was so impressed with his attention to details.  Salvatore, you make us proud in so many ways and we know it will only get better!!! We love you sweet boy!!
                                                                              Mama and Papi 

My drawing of a trash truck.
His drawing of a trash truck!!!


  1. beautifully written..i remember the same fears...wondering if i will have completely rocked Jack's little world of being the only one for so long. They adjust, probably better than we do :)
    It's not always easy, but it's ALWAYS worth it.

  2. Make sure you and David spend quality alone time with him. That's what I remember about when my siblings were born.

  3. Those are such nice thoughts...he is lucky to have such great parents! Wow, his artwork is AMAZING!!! I can't believe it..well, I guess I can we're talking about Salvatore :). He would have loved the Brea public works day...he could have sat in a trash truck.

  4. Oh my - that is a fantastic drawing!! Now I'm feeling a little strange about R's circles...

  5. salvatore will be so happy to have another person to love in his life!