Wednesday, May 12, 2010

39 Weeks and Counting

Here is a final picture of my huge belly:

Here are my stats:  weight 152 lbs. and gained 27 lbs. Same with Salvatore, but I think Valentina will be larger than his 6 lb. 13 oz. birthweight.  He came around 10 days early, she is already 3 days away from her due date.  This time I have carpal tunnel and swollen feet.  Was VERY NAUSEOUS both times, but his stopped in the 7th month and hers continued on.  I ate more sweets and junk food with her.  I could barely exercise with her.  Wore high heels up until the day I delivered Salvatore, but stopped a few weeks ago with her.  Had a much harder time working so long with Valentina, plus I also had a different position at school which forced me to walk far, lift, move and carry things that I didn't have to do before.  Don't remember TOO MUCH complaining with Salvatore, but I sure complained everyday with this one.  Truth is, I can't believe I really FELT SO BADLY.  I chalk it all up to my age (35), the workload, caring for a toddler at home this time, keeping up with everything, etc.  But knowing now what I know about motherhood, I am READY!  Salvatore has been a mix of wonderful child and random, whiny two-year old, for which I am actually... grateful.  Had she come 2-3 weeks ago when his new "terrible two phase" started, I probably wouldn't have handled it all so well.  Now I know that he is acting the way he should as he continues to grow and learn, and with or without her, there will be challenges.  So, after all of my complaining, I am now dragging my feet to try and slow this down.  All in due time.  All in DUE TIME!


  1. shalimar, you look BEAUTIFUL! that little girl is gonna come when she's ready to come, huh? :) you are super mommy to do all that you do!

  2. my love, you are not huge at all :)
    and it's all baby, baby.
    (not like me and my extra 60 pounds!)

    We cant wait to meet her!!!

  3. Sorry it has been such a hard pregnancy. You look beautiful and it is all baby :). Some of us started at around that weight. Can't wait to meet sweet Valentina!

  4. Your complaining has fallen on deaf ears. :) I was WAY worse with my complaining, but you had a tougher pregnancy and more reason to complain! She'll be here soon enough, so give Sal all the love you can for now!

  5. Shalimar - you always have such a great outlook on things. You are so patient, loving, and supportive. Salvatore is already lucky to have a mama like you and Valentina will be too:) I with you an easy labor to make up for the tough pregnancy. Can't wait to hang out with your family once the new addition decided to arrive:)