Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sara's Communion

Today was Sara's first Holy Communion.

  She was the most beautiful child up on the altar and I was very proud.  SHE made me proud-proud to be her Godmother, proud to be Catholic, proud to sit with my family and hers, and proud of the person she already is and will continue to grow in to.

Sara will be ready to graduate high school by the time Salvatore receives his first communion, and she will be in college by the time Valentina is ready.  And one day, I will be watching her walk down a church aisle as she receives the sacrament of marriage......whoa, slow down Shalimar!!
   But today, she was still my little girl, connecting with God, and ready to move forward.  


  1. This was a most blessed day! Thank you for your presence of mind, body and soul. That's why we love you! By the way we were doubly honored to share your Birthday with us. Love you.