Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday, Lovely Sunday

Salvatore, Valentina and I enjoyed this beautiful Sunday together.  Sal took this picture of the wind and the local Jacaranda tree down the street. 

We were visited many times by the neighborhood dog, who also tried to walk into the house when we turned our backs.  Imagine how Benedict reacted to that!
Valentina slept and Salvatore wanted to check on her constantly.  He has been very sweet with her and is always asking for her and helping me with her dirty diapers.  

We also collected leaves from the front yard, enjoyed a homemade ice cream sandwich, and then Lolo watched our little angel face while Sal and I enjoyed a neighborhood bike ride!  Felt so good to get out and ride a bike with my little guy!  Evening came with more visitors, David and Flavio hanging our new TV in her bedroom, and a movie before bed.  Things have been good, really easy and good, so far at home, but I have yet to have to go anywhere or attempt to leave the house with both kids alone.  Tomorrow, I may visit the grocery store.  Maybe not.  It is a new day.


  1. Don't push it...enjoy the easiness while you can :) Unless, you really need milk (but I know you have gallons from Costco :), stay home in your pjs!)

  2. that comment is from me...I am not sure why it was logged in for Ken :)

  3. What a beautiful day it was! I'm so happy I got to meet her and play some ball with Salvatore. I'm still sad my motorcycle crashed, but at least his firetruck was nearby to help me! ;)