Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too Young for a Gingerbread Train

So I was shopping at Albertson's the other day and saw a kit for a Gingerbread Train.  My imagination immediately went wild-oh, how Salvatore will love this, we can make it together with David's parents, we can laugh and smile while we take pictures and make lasting Christmas memories, blah blah blah.  Here is how it REALLY went:
1. Salvatore's only interest was opening the candy bags and pouring them into bowls.
2. Benedict trying consistently to lick and/or eat anything that was close to or on the edge of the table.
3.  I was horrible at putting it together and had trouble following simple English directions. ( The picture did not represent what was in the package and vice versa).
4.  Salvatore lost interest after 2 minutes, Benny lost interest after about 15, and I gave up after 20. 
5.  David's mom, Lourdes, stayed up for awhile afterwards and finished it, and when I woke up in the morning, it actually looked better than the picture on the box!  One of the many reasons why I love her, she makes everything look easy and special!


  1. ha ha!
    i wish i would've known.
    i did this same train with jack...and was SO irritated by the time it was put together, i didn't want jack to even come close, because i was afraid it would break.
    it's still an experience, he will remember. and he won't remember it the way YOU did :)
    i have pictures of our gingerbread experience, but you are more organized than I am right now!

  2. You and Sara make me want to go make something out of gingerbread myself. :)