Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Knew my 100th Post Would Be a Good One!

I went with Salvatore and my friend Sara tonight to a free ultrasound that was offered through ATI College in Santa Ana.  We went knowing that it would be a fun, free experience that also helped many student nurses and technicians learn how to conduct sonograms.  I arrived only expecting to just see the baby move around.  With the main nurse and doctor there, I got to really see my baby and they took all of the measurements and assured me that everything was great. Bonus! I laid there for about an hour while each student tooks turns "practicing" on me.  And then they could see the sex of the baby, not 100% clear, but pretty sure.  They said , "Looks like a girl to me."  EXTRA BONUS!  The ultrasound that is scheduled with my regular doctor is Thursday, December 17th, and he can confirm it then.  It pretty much looks like a girl to all of us too!  Mi dulce nina-my sweet girl!  Our sweet girl!



  1. you can always name her Sara!
    I am so happy...I know we said boy...but, oh little girls!
    It's a wonderful thing to have one of each...and to watch Salvatore be a big brother is one thing, but as they get older, to watch him protect a little sister will be much different than watching him have a little brother!
    Plus, all the clothes you get to buy!!!

  2. I am so happy for you and you family! You are such a good mommy and it will be another fun adventure when adding a girl in the mix! Congrats:)

  3. Yay for girls!!! That is awesome. I have never heard of doing that through a college that is so cool. If it turns out to be a boy we will be just as happy. That is sooooo weird that I just read this post a few hours I was going through Maddy and Taylor's 0-6 month spring/summer clothes and thought of you. I have two huge bags I will bring you as soon as it's confirmed :).