Friday, December 25, 2009

Miracle on Greenwood Ave.

With David's family visiting, we are celebrating many Mexican traditions.  One is to have a late Christmas Eve dinner with the whole family and then to stay up til midnight and open presents.  So, last night, we had 50 people over to celebrate our Lord's birth!  It was a great night filled with laughter, good food, great presents, and such.  Some of my family (we dearly missed the rest of you all) joined us as well, which is a gift to me, as I have never spent a Christmas without them!  My family presented a small, but loving number-me, Salvatore, my dad, Brian, Sita, Fred, and the miracle....which was my real maternal grandfather Bobby.  Without going into much detail, with Sita and Fred together since I was a young child, we have spent our holidays with them, and my grandfather choose to celebrate in his own way and do his own thing, which we all respected.  Changes have occurred this year that I can not explain, but they have been for the better, and my grandfather Bobby has chosen to spend more and more time with all of us, including my Sita's husband Fred.  This was the first Christmas that Brian and I got to spend with Bobby and it makes for a wonderful memory.  (For those of you who have known the Keysors for years, I am sure you read this with your mouths wide open-because you get how extraordinary ( a miracle really) this change is in our family!)


  1. what a blessing for your family :)

  2. Don't know the history, but I can relate to how important family is to us.