Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy 2nd Birth Day!

I used to rarely think about moms or dads on birthdays, only the person who was having the birthday.  Now, I can't stop thinking about the moms and dads on people's birth days because I KNOW!  A parent will know the difference between a "birthday" and a "birth day".  One is for the person and the other is for the parents. Salvatore's birth day has been, by far, the best day of my life.  His first year was PRECIOUS, and this year has been FUN!  I am so thrilled to find out what this year will bring.  Thank you God for our family, our friends and for our son!


  1. I have the sweetest picture to send you.
    I left my laptop cord at work, so couldn't work on them...
    Soon! I promise.
    We are thankful for Salvatore, and had a blast celebrating with him. It was Molly's first real time in a bouncer without me :)

  2. Happy Birthday, big boy! Sorry we couldn't make it... hope you had a good day!