Wednesday, December 16, 2009

They Have Air Hockey Here????

Salvatore now shares mommy's love of Air Hockey!!  If I am anywhere, and I see an Air Hockey or Skeeball game, I will play.  We taught Salvatore how to play Air Hockey the other night and he loved it.  $5 later, he finally ventured off to look at the other games.   He also really loved the game where you aim the water gun at the target and spray the water continuously until your light reaches the top. I sat a stack of tokens on the table next to me while he sat on my lap for this game and he loved helping me aim the water gun.  At the end of the game, while I had my arms in the air cheering, he grabbed the whole stack of tokens and said, "Mira (look) momma, la fuente (the fountain)!" and threw the whole stack in the water! We always go to this fountain close to our house and I let him throw in all of my pennies.  I guess he thought this was the same thing!!!

1 comment:

  1. oh how i loved this!
    i love that Chuck E Cheese has a low hockey table for the kiddos.
    Jack loves this too...and Molly loves to watch and laughs everytime Jack hits the puck...