Friday, December 25, 2009

How did these FIT down the chimney?

I got Salvatore a wagon!  He helped me put it together, sort of.  He really just kept handing me the wheels and stepping on the directions while I was assembling the rest.  I love it because it has a canopy, an extra storage space in the back and even little seatbelts.  Far more advanced than the rusty wagons we had as kids, but same function and fun.  We pushed him around at the park today and he loved both pulling it and riding in it!
Daddy and his uncles bought him this little motorcycle and helmet.  It has a little motor (like those little cars or jeeps you buy from Toys R Us), but he mostly just sits on it right now.  He has very good balance from riding his other motorcycle and push cars.  Most of the dads will think, "Awesome, where can I get one for my boy?" and most of you moms are thinking, "Never, ever would I let _______ even near one of those."  OH, the many joys of parenting!


  1. I was just thinking the latter... you're braver (or more tolerant) than I would be!

  2. well, Molly can at least share the wagon rides with him...I don't think I could handle her on the back of a motorcycle...not yet, anyway!!!

  3. Fun, fun! He looks cool on that motorcycle.