Friday, May 27, 2011

Little Mermaid

Valentina loves her bath time. We call her the "little mermaid" with her swift kicks and graceful moves. She tries to put her face in the brave.
Or so I thought. Reeeeaaaally, she just wants to eat the bubbles. Constantly. Kind of gross, huh? I've been trying for four weeks to get her on whole milk and she flat out refuses. But bubbles seem to look appetizing to her. And she either puts her face forward into the bubbles or brings them up to her mouth with her hand. Now, I call her "Santa Baby".


  1. wow that change is drastic! One year has done wonders for her hair!

  2. ugh! i know the whole milk issue... i mixed the horizon vanilla with whole for isabelle- the only way she'll drink it!

    valentina's hair if so long! :) and her smile just melts my heart! such a beauty! like her mommy!

  3. Maybe you can use a straw and blow bubbles in her milk! Also heard to put a little soy milk (vanilla) is a good trick.Jane's right that horizon milk is delicious!
    I find nothing gross about eating bubbles...there are many many grosser things that could happen in the tub!

  4. We are also struggling with the milk issue! She'll drink MAYBE an ounce or two each time, no matter what sort of cup or bottle... She does, however, drink lowfat milk. I know she needs whole milk, but she tends to drink it more when we go out to eat, and most places don't serve whole. I'll have to try that horizon vanilla. Have you tried putting the milk in cups with a straw? Audrey refuses sippy cups completely.

  5. She is such a cute little mermaid:) I know it sounds gross, but my friend used to mix milk and orange juice. It sounds horrible to me, but it was the only way she could get her to drink milk at all. The only problem is that she still drinks it that way and she if four now! So who knows???