Sunday, May 1, 2011


With the temperatures soaring this weekend, we retreated to our backyard. Salvatore loves squirting stuff with the hose.
Dips in the mini pool.
Benedict joined us. Drank from the mini pool. Laid around. Drank more from the mini pool. Which meant that Salvatore got to use the hose again to fill it back up.
Little Valentina in her swimsuit. Working on three new teeth slowly pushing their way through. She loved to be outside with all of us. Can't wait to celebrate her first birthday in a few weeks. It will be Sunday, May 15th. If you have read this, please consider yourself invited. More details to come soon.

Salvatore making me proud. He is so neat with his talking and describing and explaining and showing...I love to hear him go on and on about stuff that he loves.


  1. Molly ran over as I watched.."that's MY friend! That's my Savatore!!!"

  2. Happy Birthday to you!!!! Another May Day Baby! Looks like you enjoyed the weather and your family!

  3. It was perfect weather for a water day.