Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretend City

This past weekend, with the so-so weather, we decided to play indoors at Pretend City in Irvine. It was a bit expensive, but worth it. We lasted for a few hours. My dad had his military I.D. and they offer the discount to everyone in your party. $8 a piece and we were all ready to pretend. I highly recommend one adult per child ratio. We spent most of our day in separate spots with occasional meetings over snacks in the middle.
Salvatore LOVED: the grocery store, the PVC pipes, the little house, the water station, the restaurant, the fire truck, the music and the dispatch center.
He had little to no interest in: the garden, the building blocks, the art center, the stage for costumes or the post office.

Baseball in the back room. We had the room to ourselves and Sal ran the bases several times as Lolo pitched.
Valentina LOVED: the little cars and push bikes, the grocery store, the little house, the music and following Salvatore around where ever he went.
Valentina went nuts for "Benny" as we were leaving.
When he sat at the dispatch center, he really came alive. I watched him closely as he immediately started answering the phones, pushing the buttons, and shouting directions and instructions to his "personnel". He was acting like it was his real job-even looking stressed at certain times- while he wheeled around on the chair and continued "helping everyone". The kids played so well together. It was fun and worth it to check out.
Happy pretending!

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