Monday, May 30, 2011

Palm Springs

We decided, rather suddenly, to take off to see my Sita and Fred in Palm Springs for the holiday weekend. An unplanned trip turned out to be the perfect thing for all of us.

Making wishes in the fountain. I made a wish for a very special friend.
Hanging out at Shanghai Red's. Yes, it's a bar (outdoors). Yes, we took the kids. Yes, we danced a little. How do YOU spend time with your grandparents and kids? Mine dance in a bar. :)
We went on a horse and carriage ride through downtown P.S.
We also ate at the Casino Morongo Buffet and had an enjoyable dinner. We all ate everything in sight and the kids loved it too! A little gambling (I won $12 on the slots) and a lot of swimming in Sita's pool...was just what we needed.

Look how long it had been since we were in Palm Springs last...
(June 2010)


  1. *squeal*

    valentina is so so little in that last picture! :) and yes, i can relate. unplanned weekenders can be just what the doctor orders! :) it looks like it was a fun trip for all. i wish i could've seen you guys dance!! :)

  2. If that special friend is me, I'll take the wish!!!

    If not, I'll hijack it ;)


  3. Oh my oh my! She looks more and more like a little girl every time I see her. So glad you guys were able to have some unplanned family fun!