Saturday, February 27, 2010

His Tender Heart

After watching the winter Olympics early this evening, NBC did a segment on how many Canadian communities were so helpful to the U.S. during the tragedy of Sept. 11th.  It was very touching.  Salvatore watched intently and squealed with delight every time he saw an airplane from the show.  When he first saw the footage of the planes crashing to the towers, he would shout to me that the planes were crashing!  Then they showed the footage of the people crying and running for safety, and he watched with silent tongue.  As they continued to show all of the people and their sadness, he started to shout at the television.  He was saying, "It's O.K., will be O.K....please don't cry!"  He kept repeating it when he saw these images, and I just sat teary-eyed, thinking of how he doesn't understand Sept. 11th, but he understands when people are sad and hurting.  And he seemed to have some idea of what to do or say about it...our little guy with a great, big heart!


  1. Salvatore has a sweet heart! Our little ones learn from us. You are a big reason he is that he wants to comfort others and knows how. You are a good mama:)