Monday, February 15, 2010


Valentine's Day used to be all about romance to me, but now it is all about LOVE!  The kind of love that doesn't need romance anymore, because it secretly always is.  The kind of love that you shower on your kids because what they love is now what you love.  The kind of love that you cherish with your parents because you still need them now as you did before. 

Valentine's Day 2010:
David, Dad, Salvatore and I went to Long Beach to see the train convention.  They bought lots of presents for him and we all enjoyed the time together.  Next, we had fun at GameWorks and then a nice lunch at Islands.  It was such a beautiful, sunny day.  We came home, took a long nap, then David had to work.  While we missed him, Salvatore and I only read books, colored, and had dinner together, no TV.  It was wonderful to love all of the things that he loves.  David returned and we all (Benedict also) piled in the car and went to our favorite donut shop and ate donuts and drank hot cocoa.  It was LOVEly!!!  No wonder we will proudly name our daughter Valentina!


  1. I love the name Valentina!!! =) Can't wait to see you Saturday!


  2. i totally agree with you... it's all about love! and i think your love day with the entire family sounded so LOVE-ly! alex, isabelle, and i had what alex calls "family fun day" on valentine's day.