Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Most Beautiful Card...

came to me today from my son.  My dad takes him to a library class where they do a story time and craft.  Today's craft was a Valentine's card for mommy.  Lolo said that he was so excited to do it, he could barely sit through the story, knowing they could work on it next.  When my dad brought him to me at school, Salvatore came running with card in hand.  He excitedly pointed to everything and told me about how he made it and then tried to read what was written inside.  It is my most cherished gift and the best Valentine's Day present a mom could ask for!


  1. isnt it the best?
    i love all my kid-made stuff :)

  2. Save it for him... my mom gave me a box of a bunch of cards and letters I'd made for her when I was little, and I'm saving them to show Audrey (who probably won't care, but I'm sentimental like that).

  3. That is soooo precious. That is what is is all about :).