Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ok...enough of the manners already

You all know how this story goes...you teach your kids to do or say something nice, like "please" and "thank you" and then they try to get away with things BECAUSE they said "please" and "thank you".  Here is some dialogue from last night's battle (I mean, bath):

Mommy:  Salvatore, it is time to get out and dry off.
Salvatore: No, thank you mama.
Mommy:  We need to put on our pajamas.
Salvatore: No, thank you mama.
Mommy: (So I pull the plug and the water begins to drain)
Salvatore: (Through grinding teeth) NO THANK YOU MAMA!!!!!!!
Mommy: (Reaches in to get him-I won't argue with words)
Salvatore: (Like a slippery eel, he bucks and screams) NOOOOO THANKKKK YOUUUUU MAAAAMAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Mommy was soaking wet, but mommy won....at least he was trying to be nice about it!!!!!
I can just imagine what was going on in his head: Mommy may have won, but at least I got her soaking wet...hey, I WAS trying to be nice about it!


  1. yes, Molly looks at me like "But I said Please.."

    Life isn't fair, sorry kiddos!

  2. Shalimar: Your were just the same way!