Friday, September 18, 2009


I log into my blog each morning and stare at my beautiful son and reread all of the stuff that I wrote because I miss him.  He is still asleep when I leave at 7 a.m. each school morning and this is the only way that I can "be with him."  As I logged in this morning, I noticed the number of people who have visited our blog, the "fans in attendance" and was shocked to see 2078!  Sara helped me start this over two months ago and I am glad to see you all on it and sharing in our joy.  That number started playing around in my head.....I will be long gone in 2078 (unless I really do make it to 103!) Salvatore will be 71 years old.  What will life be like for him at 71!  What will our country, our world, our EVERYTHING look like?  My dad always told me that he was young, circa 1950's, the predictions they had for the new millinium were that we would have a cure for cancer and we could live on the moon.  Not even close right?  They never predicted we would have AIDS or cell phones or T.V.'s that could pause a live show, but advancements and setbacks are here in ways no one could predict.  And we still have cancer and we only look at the moon.  What is in store for our kids and grandkids?  As a parent now, all you want to do is make this and them better............

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