Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Independence

Last night, in the bath tub, Salvatore asked if he could wash himself.  He had his Mickey Mouse washcloth ready and practiced saying "soap" in Spanish, "jabon."  I would give him little squirts and told him what to wash first and next.  He was so careful and so serious at first that I wondered if he was even enjoying this new independence.  Then he smiled and laughed when he smelled his own foot and said, "clean mommy."  Next, he put his hand behind the Mickey Mouse face on his washcloth and opened and closed his hand as if to make the Mickey "talk."  I laughed so hard! Big mistake-this laughing so hard for them-because he then wanted to sleep with the wet, drippy washcloth all night just so he could keep making me laugh!  When the terrible two monster took over my sweet little guy, I knew it was definitely time for bed.  He fell asleep asking for Mickey.  Wonder what he dreamt of tonight......


  1. I cant believe you are blogging at 5:30 in the morning!
    too bad the pictures are blocked at work
    (yes, I am checking at work, during recess!).
    Can't wait to get home to see them!

  2. Awesome that Salvatore is into making you laugh :)

    I suspect this will be a good lifelong trait.

  3. How cute! Don't you love bathtime.