Sunday, September 13, 2009

Playdate with the Coopers

Sal copying everything Jack does!
The icky, sticky, messy ice cream.
Racing Jack down the street while he gave up his wagon seat to Salvatore.
Bubbles machine!!!!

On Friday night, David dropped Salvatore and I off at my good friend Sara's house for a playdate and picked us up after his shift.  Sara is a co-worker and the mother of Salvatore's girlfriend, Molly.  She picked up our favorite dinner and had the house ready with toys and goodies galore.  We had a great time taking care of our kids together.  Sal and Molly played upstairs and downstairs and Jack, 6, was a big brother to both of them!  Thank you, Cooper Party of 4, for having us and thank you, David, for happily dropping us off and picking us up. 


  1. What a great time! Looks like you guys had a blast :).Jenn

  2. can you come and play every night?