Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yesterday, Salvatore and I rode our bike all over Newport Beach.  It was terribly crowded with all kinds of people.  I decided to teach Salvatore the difference between a "tourist" and  a "local". Though we live 20 mile from Newport, we are still locals because we grew up here and visit the beach often.  With so many obvious tourists, I started explaining how to spot one easily.  It seemed that most tourists yesterday were from the midwest, and everything from their hairdo's to their clothes gave them away.  As we rode down the bike lane, I would call quietly to him, "tourist" or "local", based on how they looked.  Amazing how fast they catch on....we were waiting to cross a busy street and we soon heard a big crowd of people come up behind us to wait to cross with us.  As Salvatore casually glanced at the group, he POINTED  to one man and said TOURIST, clear as a bell!  Everyone busted out laughing and one guy in the group teased the other guy and said, "That baby is talking about you!"And he was a tourist-Salvatore was right on!!!!  I crossed that street so fast, leaving the goofy tourists in our dust!


  1. that's awesome!
    too bad you didnt have a video camera rolling...
    he could've won you some money!

  2. What a smart kid! We don't give kids enough credit... they understand and can do so much more.

  3. You are too funny!!! Salvatore will have a very large and varied vocabulary by the time he starts school!

  4. Oh Shelly! That is just too much! He's too smart for his own good! Love and miss you all!