Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Endless Summer

When I was a child, I believed that heaven was in the ocean.  A big part of me still does.  Today was a perfect example of why....I swam with Salvatore in the big blue.  Held his little hand while he barged in, showing no fear of any waves.  Relaxed as the cold water rushed around us, cooling our skin.  Admired him for wanting to go farther and farther towards the mesmerizing deep.  He held tightly to my hand while he laughed and splashed at the water.  He oohed and aahed at the swirling sand as he scooped and threw back what charged  towards us.  He listened intently as I explained the flow of water, currents, tides, and wind.  And after running around in the ankle-deep part, we ventured forward still.  I scooped him up, held him close, and waded farther out so we could both be closer to heaven.  I danced with him, sang to him, and laughed with him while he wrapped his legs around my waist and held my neck so tightly.  He never stopped smiling or showing off for me all of the skills he learned in this summer's swim class.   To prevent him from crying when it was time to leave, we said "goodbye" to the water.  He waved goodbye to the waves.  Why does summer have to end?


  1. when we come home, can we go together?
    reading this made me homesick..

  2. It's not over yet!!! We still have plenty of time to enhoy it:) Where are the pics of heaven??? J/K you description was beautiful enough:)