Friday, August 7, 2009

20 months old today

Today Salvatore is 20 months old! Time has really flown by, and each day he looks more like a big boy and less like a baby.  He is 34 inches tall and weighs 24 1/2 lbs.  He eats with us at the table and sleeps in a regular bed.  We have slowly started potty training and he sits on the potty 1or 2 times a day, but sometimes he will not go-he just sits there laughing and smiling and going through the motions.  And he can't tell us yet that he has to go potty, he only tells us right after, so we are working on that.  His favorite thing is to wash his hands afterwards.  He is still practicing the alphabet and he can count to 5 in spanish, but he skips 4 each time.  He talks and sings all day long, and  still loves to watch Mickey's Playhouse and Handy Manny.  His terrible two's have seem to come full force in this last week, but we love each stage that he goes through and we can't wait to see what comes next! Here is a video from the day he turned 
TWO MONTHS OLD-amazing how little he was!


  1. ok. reading this and listening to your music
    (This Womans Work) puts me over the edge!
    What sweet babies they were.
    What silly toddlers they are.
    What amazing people they will be...
    We love you, Salvatore!

  2. I didn't know you blogged, too! I'm adding you to my list. It was nice seeing you today, and I can't wait to see Salvatore soon!