Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Horse, Of Course

Salvatore has many interests: soccer, baseball, music, books, the alphabet, all modes of transportation, and animals.  He does not go crazy for animals like his sweet friends Molly or Avery, he has more of a "horse whisperer" demeanor around such animals, but he does like them.  Another day at Zoomar's with Janice, Hailey, Kendyl,  and Avery let them feed guinea pigs, rabbits, goats and horses.  Hailey and Kendyl were naturals with the animals, Avery squealed like the guinea pigs and she chased them and tried to hold each one, while Salvatore followed a few quietly and threw carrots to the caged bunnies, rather than sticking them through the fence (see the baseball connection here?!).  And they all got to ride the pretty horses.  I feared Salvatore would cry or whine and need me close by, so I trotted next to them only to find that he never looked back for me while I avoided steamy piles and muddy puddles.  Grandpa Lolo has already taken him on a horse twice, so he has more experience now than some adults.  It was wonderful to see him so confident and happy with nature.  He will not grow up to be the next Dr. Doolittle (take it away Molly) but he liked it.  He really, really liked it.

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  1. Maybe Molly should be Dr. Doolittle for Halloween?
    What will Salvatore be? Other than darling...