Monday, August 10, 2009

Primos (Cousins)

Salvatore and his cousin Fernando (age 5).  After a nice bike ride in Manhattan Beach, we ate at a local pizza place and both boys took their shirts off so they wouldn't get so messy.  I love how much they look alike in the nose, cheeks and mouth.  Fernando is also our Godson and he will be 6 this Christmas.  He is one of Salvatore's favorite playmates!


  1. So, only handsome boys are allowed in your family?

  2. When I noticed you had a new post, I HAD to look (you're doing a GREAT job on your blog, by the way). Guess I'm missing Jack and Molly, but I sure LOVE seeing happy little faces, and these were no exception. And the first thing I noticed were the matching facial features. And Sara's right -son muy guapos!