Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love/Hate Foods

I found this card at Halloween and found it completely appropriate for my current state.

I've had many a funny discussion with friends and family about food and what we love and hate about it.  Some of my friends seem to think I am a bit strange for some of my preferences.  These preferences start off on the "love list", yet can quickly end up on the "hate list".

LOVE bananas.  HATE bananas in anything, including bread, muffins, cake, pie or any other dessert.

LOVE blueberries.  HATE when people bake them into muffins or put them on pancakes.

LOVE strawberries.  HATE strawberry milkshakes and strawberry ice cream. Or on pancakes.

LOVE apples. HATE apple pie.  

LOVE raspberries. HATE raspberries in cookies, cakes or any other desserts.

LOVE carrots. HATE carrot cake.

LOVE cranberries. HATE cranberry sauce or jelly or whatever that stuff is that slithers out of that can.

And raisins.  LOVE raisins. From a box. But good grief, don't put them or bake them in anything.

I LOVE Thanksgiving and HATE when it is over.

What do you LOVE/HATE when it comes to food?

1 comment:

  1. OMG! Valentina looks BEAUTIFUL in that picture! :) You'd better keep an eye out for her! :)

    DITTO on bananas, strawberries, apples, raspberries, cranberries. LOVE fresh fruit!! But I will tolerate the blueberries; I just don't prefer it. The carrots, I also don't mind. If there's walnuts in the carrot cake, I'll pass!

    Miss you, Friend! Your Thanksgiving looks wonderful!