Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Picky Eater

Salvatore and I have some of our best conversations while driving in the car. 
 The other day, we were running errands and he was unusually quiet. 
 I decided to ask him what he was thinking about.  

This was our exact conversation:

Me:  What are you thinking about back there?

Salvatore:  Picky eaters.

Me: (Caught off guard by this subject...)  What about picky eaters?
 (For the record, Sal is picky and not picky, just like most other kids.)

Salvatore:  Well, there is this commercial on TV that says that you should give picky eaters this special chocolate milk to drink when they won't eat their regular food.

Me:  And what made you think about that?

Salvatore:  Well, I don't like how the little boy pushes his plate away and refuses to eat.  (I have never seen the commercial he is speaking of.)  That is very rude. When mommies give you food, you need to eat it. If I was his mommy, I would make him eat his food and THEN give him the chocolate milk.

Me:  Sal, you will make a great parent someday.

Salvatore:  Yes, I know. I do it already with Valentina.  And when we get married, we can take care of daddy and make him eat more vegetables.  


  1. Oh that is so funny! What a little sweetheart!! I love the photo too.

  2. Please remind him that he should marry Molly.

  3. He is too funny! Isn't it funny how they act all high and mighty when other kids don't do something right but then they don't see they do the same thing.I know exactly what commercial he is talking about. I always think oh sure we are going to let them not eat what we want and give them chocolate ensure (or something like it, I can't remember which brand. By the way that picture of him is amazing!!! He is so handsome.