Thursday, November 29, 2012


The other night, I went to get gasoline by myself.  As I stepped out and began the routine at the pump, I heard/saw a loud car pull up to the pump next to mine.  I glanced over and saw a sports car full of young men, possibly 16-18 years old, laughing and joking around.  I turned my eyes back to my pump and proceeded.  After a minute or so, one of the guys who went in to pay was walking back out to the car and flashed me a great smile.  I shyly smiled back and then really turned to face my car.  We were the only cars at the gas station as I overheard this conversation:

One guy:  Quit staring at that lady!

Other guy:  Why?  She's pretty hot.

One guy:  Dude, she's like a MOM!!!!

Other guy:  How do you know?

One guy:  DUDE!! She's driving a minivan!!!!!!  What do YOU think?

While I did not turn around again, I was totally laughing.  Quickly, I grabbed my receipt and pretended to be none the wiser.  I jumped into the car, glancing one more time at the car next to me.  "Other guy" flashed me another grin and a "peace sign".  

Sigh...I AM old enough to be his mom.  HA!

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